Secular Humanism

I guess that we must have labels or how else could we communicate? And we do so love to communicate, don’t we?

 “Secular humanism” has joined “bleeding-heart-liberal”, “tree-hugger”, and “atheist” in the vocabulary of religiously-directed, moral absolutists.  Those believers who subscribed to a narrow, dogmatic morality use these terms as though they are dirty words.


One response to “Secular Humanism

  1. I find it very frustrating when I tell some people that I don’t believe in a god, they look at me as if I just told them I eat babies for breakfast. The word atheist really does trigger the hate in some folks.

    I’ve been using the term non-theist lately. Perhaps it puts up a little speed bump on the road to snap judgments.

    Your journal is great. Keep up the good posting.

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