Narrow Fundamentalist Colleges Judged Unsuitable

When searching for a blog topic, it’s always fruitful to drop in on a known b*g*t. I have no plans to comment there since the b*g*t merely entrenches, yet I did find some fodder. I had hoped that fundamentalist bigotry was confined to the US Bible Belt, that notorious haven for the hatefully ignorant control-freaks of North America. 

It appears that Oxford University is not immune to ignorant attitudes. 

Do not despair! The University is reported to have noticed the problem: 

“The teaching of theology at the University of Oxford has suffered a serious blow with a damning report that recommends ending the admission of school-leavers to some of its colleges.” 

and . . . 

“The review, conducted by a university panel headed by Sir Colin Lucas, a former vice-chancellor, concludes that Oxford’s seven Christian private halls risk failing to provide a rounded learning experience in keeping with Oxford’s liberal ethos.” 

and . . .  

“Halls could risk losing their Oxford University licences altogether if they teach a fundamentalist Biblical doctrine on sexual ethics and in other areas of theology.” 

In the words of the known b*g*t, The fundamentalist doctrine is that any sex acts outside of marriage between a man and a woman are wrong. Period. Full stop.” 

I guess that this means that homosexual acts are fine. It certainly indicates that marriage is merely church-sanctioned fornication. The b*g*t protested that Oxford Universities insistence that narrow moralistic preachings are not acceptable in a place of higher learning are tantamount to declaring, “Immorality Essential at Oxford”. How histrionic!  

* a b*g*t is a religionist of narrow views who argues emotively and without knowledge


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