If I had been independently wealthy, I would have become a perpetual student.

Perhaps God did not want me to be a perpetual student and so has restricted my cash flow and has relegated me, as Perpetual Punishment for Not Believing in Him, to relying on the Internet for some of my learning. Perhaps God did this because He wants to Punish the Internet for permitting the spread of Atheistic Ideas. In retaliation for this Injustice, I intend to add to the Atheistic Stockpile.

Frivolity aside, I love the Internet because it is like living in a library. Accordingly, I interrupted my studies halfway through my fourth degree because this is a great learning tool.

Consider my blog as an ungraded substitute for essay writing. If you wish to act as my unpaid TA, feel free to comment. Be warned, though, that I will not approve comments that lack educational merit.


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