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Regress pressures Rowan

Ultimatum on Anglican church gays

“Conservative Christians will throw down the gauntlet to the Archbishop of Canterbury this week by demanding that he openly disowns the American church over gay bishops.”

I did not post this because I care whether or not the Church of England splits from the American Anglican Church. I noticed this because ultraconservative Wycliffe College at the University of Oxford has recently run afoul of university authorities. However, the entire petulant fiasco is much what one can expect from religionists who threaten boycotts and schisms when their bigotted, narrow, absolutist, hatreds are not honored. My advise: to Anglicans, gain rationality and embrace humanist tolerance; to Church officials, grow up, gain rationality, and embrace humanist tolerance.

At the time of the original furor over New Hampshire’s gay bishop, Gene Robinson, I saw him interviewed on television and was impressed by his genuine ‘goodness’.  This suitability by virtue of personal qualities should be the determinant of election to a post, and it really should not matter what life partner he has chosen.

Apparently, the bigoted fundamentalists of the CofE’s ‘Reform’ group are delivering the ultimatum because the ‘Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has said that homosexuality is not a “disease” on the eve of a crucial decision that could split the Anglican Church worldwide.’

One definition of reform is this: ‘make changes for improvement in order to remove abuse and injustices’. [source] Typically, fundamentalist reformers are not interested in moving forward to remove abuse and injustices, but instead wish to return to archaic abuse and injustices.

The bigotted CofE group would have been more honest if they had called themselves ‘Regress’.  I can only hope that Rowan Williams will stand up to their pressure.

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Underactive ACC and Conservativism

I found this on Neurophilosophy, which is a very good blog:

“Research suggests that liberals and conservatives have different personality traits and “cognitive styles”: while liberals are more intellectually curious and tolerant of ambiguity, conservatives have a greater desire to reach decisions quickly and are more consistent in the way they make those decisions.

It was found that those who considered themselves to be conservatives made more response errors when upon presentatin of the infrequent letters than those who considered themselves as liberals (respectively, 47% and 37% of the time).  

The EEG data showed that, during the trials in which the infrequent letter was presented, the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) was twice as active in liberals than in conservatives.

The ACC is one of the brain’s executive control centres, and is hypothesized to be involved in detecting and signalling conflicts in information processing. So liberals showed significantly more conflict-related brain activity when confronted with a situation in which they are required to break an old habit.”

 Neuroscience and neuropsychology research is often criticized as not being science.  Such criticism is ironic considering that it often originates in the sorts of reflexive anti-science polemic that attacks science while praising the “proofs” demonstrated by “creation science”.

Research into the neurosciences is confounded by a combination of ethical and technical limitations. Although these factors render the neurosciences more challenging for scientific inquiry than chemistry, for instance, they do not signify that neurosciences are not scientific. Imagine that you are in an electronics store in which banks of loudspeakers are simultaneously playing different outputs from banks of CD players.  Now try to identify which output belongs to which player. It is not that there is not an “explanation” for each output, it is merely that this is difficult to decipher against background activity.

I found the ACC-Conservatism study interesting because it provides a neural correlation with a behavioral pattern that I have observed repeatedly.  I have long maintained that there is cognitive processing deficiency that underlies a commonly observed cluster of personality traits. 

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